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Homes by Dream

Homes by Dream was founded to help people become homeowners; because home-ownership is the best way to start experiencing the Dream Effect in full. We sweat the details. It’s why our homes are designed with raised roof trusses, which allow for greater insulation and wind protection, and look great while doing so. We believe that the home is the root of the community. From there, homeowners can experience everything their community has to offer, like nature reserves, dedicated transit, bike lanes, sustainable waterways, interactive parks, state-of-the-art schools, and fully equipped recreational facilities.

Types of Homes

Laned $440,000 - $580,000

Front Drive $560,000 - $710,000


Every home is part of a bigger picture.

At Dream, we believe in a better version of everything. We go beyond the ordinary by crafting communities where nature thrives, connections are effortless, and homes improve the lives of our residents. Imagine neighbourhoods with vibrant parks threaded throughout, easy access to everything you need, and homes designed for sustainability and enduring comfort. It’s a commitment to something greater, a dedication to future generations. That’s the Dream Effect.






Beauty is only skin deep, but don’t discount the character of a home. Curb appeal matters. No matter what type of home you’re in the market for, we guarantee you’ll take pride in the timeless architecture every time you walk up to the door. Even our most modest homes are packed with character and demonstrate attention to detail that is unmatched.

Interior Design

Our thoughtfully planned and perfectly balanced interior spaces are built for everyday life and matched with beautifully inspired finishing palettes. It’s never been easier. Offering a streamlined experience, these Designer Collections allow you to tap into the imaginations of some of today’s most talented interior designers. So express your creativity and bring the home you’ve always dreamed of to life.